Friday, 13 March 2009

Remembering Rocky

It's almost 2 months since that awful day Rocky died. There must be few things worse than coming upon the cold, lifeless body of one of your pets. Gone is his familiar chirping and talking. No more running over to the front of the cage whenever I am near. No more flying onto my hand from the other side of the room. No more kissing and rubbing noses.

Rocky I miss you so much.

Poor Bluey took it bad too. She has lost her cage mate. At first she just didn't know what to do, and spent much of her time crouched against the cage mirror. She became instantly scared of me for some reason, and even now is still wary, though more tolerent of me. It's like I have lost two budgies really. The other day, I played her a recording of Rocky babbling away, and she went mad trying to find him! Don't know if that was a bad thing or a good thing, so haven't done it since.

What a good job I did all those videos of Rocky, at least I have something to look back on, to see him and all his funny little ways again feels so good.

Maybe when the young budgie season comes round again, I will get another mate for Bluey to keep her company - and me too!


  1. I think it is a good idea to get a new mate for Bluey

  2. What a horrible feeling to lose a pet. I can't imagine the day my dear budgie is not with me anymore. I think it would be a great idea for both Bluey and yourself to get another budgie. Good luck in your decision.

    Oh and yes, I wanted to let you know that I think you've done a wonderful job of documenting your time with your budgies. I love to watch the videos of Charlie and Bluey. I can tell they loved you as much as you loved them : )

  3. I was so sad to learn that you lost your beautiful Rocky as I've followed your videos and enjoyed them so much. I lost 2 of my boys last winter within a month of each other and I know how much it hurts and stays with you. It's just now that I'm adopting a new green boy Pickles from a lady who needs to rehome him. He's coming this Sunday and I'm so exited already, but I had to let some time pass until I was ready for a new bird. I have 2 other birds that haven't been the same since the boys passed so I'm hoping he will add some needed spice to their lives.
    I know how much love and affection you had for your boys Charlie and Rocky and when the time comes to bring a new bird home, I'm know you'll be able to carry on as the "Bird Wisperer" which is how I've come to look upon you.
    I'm hoping Pickles will learn how to talk as he is a very vocal little boy and he has been a one person bird and is under a year old. If my other 2 have anything to say about it they'll birdnap him from me and tell him to only talk budgiespeak so they can talk about me in private, but that's o.k. too.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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  6. My heart bleeds for you , Frank. I'm so sorry for your loss. Exactly one month ago I had to have my precious Sweet-Pea put to sleep. She developed a bad leg, we went straight to the vet,and x-rays showed she had a massive tumor on her kidney, pressing on her sciatic nerve. It had also caused one air sac to colapse and her stomach was pushed out of it proper position. We were offered meds to prolong her life 6 weeks at the best. I cannot endure the thought of an animal in pain, and who knows how long she had already been suffering. I chose to put her to sleep. The hardest thing I've ever had to do. She was the most amazing little bird, and by your eyes in your video when playing with Rocky, I know I need say no more. They leave a huge hole in our hearts and lives, and when the time is right I will get another budgie, but not yet.

  7. Hey Frank,

    I notice you haven't made any new posts since Rocky left. It would be great to talk to you. I hope you can get a new budgie.

    Did your budgies ever lie down to go to sleep? I had to get a flat piece of plastic for my last budgie, she insisted on sleeping flat with her head down and almost turning over onto her back. She was such a fun bird.

    Best wishes, Rod

  8. hi frank,sorry to hear about the loss of rocky,i hope you get a new bird soon.
    i have had budgies since i was 6,and i love them .they are brillant and so funny wee animals.i have one at present called sammy,what a great bird he is,and what a talker!.look forward to more posts about my favourite animals soon.

  9. Hello Frank
    I found your wonderful videos of Rocky this morning when me and my budgie "Gústi" were watching youtube.

    Thank you very much for sharing them. I´m in a deep depression right now, but the videos of Rocky put a little warmth in my heart.

    It´s really sad that he has passed away :(

    I fear the day when I will loose Gústi. I don´t know his age. He had been left at a pet store by his previous owner, when I found him a year ago. It was an instant match, I love him so much and I can feel that he loves me too. I can tell that he is quite old, sometimes he gets really tired and short of breath after just a short flight around the living room. Recently he has started to sleep flat on his stomach, at first I tought he must be really sick, but then he stood up happy as ever!!! (I see here that Rod´s budgie did that as well, so maybe it´s not caused by his age).
    Sometimes I wonder if I could transfer some of Gústi´s great personality to a young budgie.
    Once I took care of a budgie for an old lady, that budgie was kind of scared at first, and the owner said he was usually like that. But when he had spent some days here with Gústi, he had gained a lot of confidence and was even willing to sit on my finger.

    It would be great if Gústi and I could train a young budgie together. But there is always a change that this would have bad effects on the relationship we already have. What do you think Frank? And should the chick be a boy or a girl?

    Thank you again for your videos, and also that great drawing from Lennon, it´s a cute fat budgie :O)

    Gústi talking to the computer:

  10. Everything you've said about Gusti sounds very normal to me Berglind - nothing to worry about. I've watched your video of him and he's lovely. Yes by all means get him a companion, it doesn't matter if male or female, but be ready for some termoil until they get used to each other. If they bond OK, you can keep them in the same cage.
    Even though budgies love the company of their own kind, it will not affect Gusti's relationship with you.