Friday, 13 March 2009

Remembering Rocky

It's almost 2 months since that awful day Rocky died. There must be few things worse than coming upon the cold, lifeless body of one of your pets. Gone is his familiar chirping and talking. No more running over to the front of the cage whenever I am near. No more flying onto my hand from the other side of the room. No more kissing and rubbing noses.

Rocky I miss you so much.

Poor Bluey took it bad too. She has lost her cage mate. At first she just didn't know what to do, and spent much of her time crouched against the cage mirror. She became instantly scared of me for some reason, and even now is still wary, though more tolerent of me. It's like I have lost two budgies really. The other day, I played her a recording of Rocky babbling away, and she went mad trying to find him! Don't know if that was a bad thing or a good thing, so haven't done it since.

What a good job I did all those videos of Rocky, at least I have something to look back on, to see him and all his funny little ways again feels so good.

Maybe when the young budgie season comes round again, I will get another mate for Bluey to keep her company - and me too!